Last updated: 23-12-2021


blare.host only delivers products to the customer under the following conditions. Upon purchase, the customer accepts blare.host terms. It is up to the customer to read and understand our terms. The customer must always stay up to date on the terms. The customer always has the right to contact blare.host regarding the terms


1: General terms and conditions

blare.host always has the right to change the terms and prices of the products. If there are price increases, the customer is noticed within 1 day. If there is any suspicion of illegal activity or misuse of the product, blare.host reserves all rights to access customer data. It is always the customer's responsibility to ensure that the customer's account information is correct and up to date.


2: Creation


When creating an account, the customer will login with Discord. On discord there will be displayed what information we collect.


When creating a server, the customer will accept our Terms of Service and accept that blare.host can terminate the product if there are found illegal files / abusing. If any suspicion arises that the customer is storing illegal files and/or abuse, blare.host reserves all rights to check a customer's server files.


3: Responsibility for data

When using blare.host's products, it is always at the customer's own responsibility. blare.host is not responsible for data or content. The customer is responsible for any illegal or infringing data or content.


4: Termination

Upon termination, the customer has the opportunity to contact blare.host by email or terminate via our system.


5: Disclosure of information

blare.host never passes on information to third parties. This means that information between blare.host and the customer is confidential.


6: Personal data

According to the Personal Data Act, the customer always has the right to gain insight into all the information that blare.host has registered on the customer.


7: Security

The customer is responsible for the security of the account. blare.host will therefore recommend that the customer's password contains both special characters, lowercase and uppercase letters as well as numbers.


8: Violation of conditions

If the customer at any time violates the applicable terms, blare.host will give the customer a warning via email/discord and in several cases the customer's account / server will be closed. blare.host reserves all rights to delete the customer's account / server.


9: Liability for any lost data

blare.host can never be held responsible for lost data in the event of, for example, power failure, system failure, etc. The customer is always fully responsible for all data and any lost data.


10: Software Terms

blare.host always confirms any software terms on behalf of the customer.


11: Resource consumption on game server

blare.host has the rights to pause the customer's product, if the resources used exceeds 90% in a period of 48 hours. blare.host will send an email to the customer to put the amount of resources in order. If the amount of resources is not reduced within 7 days, blare.host reserves the right to delete the customer's product.